10 Must Do Things Before You Sell Your Home

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This is a guest post by Kim Reid

things-before-selling-home-1302562If you are about to sell your home, it can be one of the biggest investment payoffs in your lifetime. But did you know that simple, everyday things can keep you from selling your home at the price you want? With just a few dollars and some time, anyone can capitalize on their most important investment. To maximize the potential for getting that big price tag, check out these ten must do things before you sell your home.

Sell or rent – Having a nice home that you don’t want to live in anymore doesn’t necessarily mean you should sell it. While selling allows you to cash in now, renting can give you steady monthly income with the option of selling the home later. The taxes involved in selling or renting a home should also be taken into consideration when making the choice.

Curb appeal – It isn’t just the fancy name of a home improvement show, it is what potential buyers see first when visiting your home. This means keeping the lawn mowed, shrubbery in check, making sure fixtures are updated, and anything else a potential buyer will see.

De-personalize – Your wedding or kid’s pictures may be your pride and joy, but they are distracting to buyers and make it feel like your home, not their potential home. While you may love your treasures, putting them away can help you get the price you want and keep buyers from running.

De-clutter – With viewers coming into your home on a possible daily basis, this one can be hard to keep up with. However, keeping mail in check, receipts from spreading, laundry, dishes, and all the other hassles of living in check can make your home more appealing to buyers.

The little things – Although something like a missing light bulb may not seem like a big deal, it is. While you know how easy it is to change out, buyers will suspect the worse and think there may be some horrifying electrical issue instead of admiring your house. Watch out for the little things and stay on top of them.

Paint – More difficult than the above, paint is one of the first things buyers notice on entering your home. Having a neutral color that has been recently done not only appeals visually, it also lets the buyer know that you are on top of your house.

No screens – Those wire screens to keep the flies out may be practical, but they can also block lighting and be an eye sore on top. Simply removing them and storing them away can be a quick and easy way to add value to your home.

Bake away – Ever notice how when anyone comes into your home, the first thing they do is smell? You may not be privy to the particular smells of your home but potential buyers are. Baking a quick treat such as brownies or even packaged cookie dough can assure buyers that every smell is a great one.

Match it – It may surprise you to know how many homes for sale have mismatched switch covers, outlets, hardware, and more. With items such as plate covers and door knobs costing only a few dollars, it makes sense to switch out what you can so that the little things match.

Second opinion – Getting a family member or friend to look over your home before it goes on the market is a good idea. They can see what you don’t see and are likely to tell you so without worry of hurting your feelings. At the very least, they can back you up on the changes you have made.

About the Author: Kim Reid is a licensed real estate agent and owns the site Masters In Real Estate. She likes to write articles about everything related to Real Estate business and educating future agents.

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