5 Ways to Save on Furniture Storage

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Moving home can be a nightmare at the best of times and often it is a costly exercise. Storing your belongings and furniture can take time and money, but how do we minimize these costs and leave more money in our back pockets? Here is five ways to save money on storing your household items and furniture…..

• Sell off your unwanted items

Why pack something that you may not need? Sort through all of your household items and furniture and either sell or discard anything that you may not need, or that may need replacing. After all, why pay for storage of an item you don’t really want?

• Plan our packing

There is nothing worse than finishing your packing and finding that you have ten half boxes and twenty full ones. Make sure that you plan your packing so that all boxes end up full, this will allow you to stack the boxes at the storage facility and take up less space. Less space equals less money. Plan to slide boxes under furniture such as beds or elevated wardrobes or cupboards, this will again save you space and in turn, money.

• Store with Friends and Family

Try asking around with all your friends and family, one of them may have space in their garage or shed that you can utilize. If not you may be able to spread the furniture and household items across a few friends or family members homes. This will obviously save you money by cutting out the necessity to rent self storage and keep a few more dollars in your back pocket. Be careful not to ruin your friendship over it and ensure that you offer something in return.

• Distance VS cost

When looking around at self storage facilities there are a few things you need to take into account. How far is the facility? This will impact on transport costs of your items and furniture to the facility both when loading into the facility, and when unloading from the facility. How much is the space? Remember that the cheapest is not always the best option; you need to take into account the cost of transporting to and from the facility as well as the monthly cost for the space itself. There is no use getting a space that costs $50 a month but is two hundred kilometers away.

• Size does matter

A smaller space will yield a much cheaper cost. Make sure you work out exactly how much space you need prior to renting a storage facility. Take into account the ability to stack your items and furniture and do your best to maximize the space. Packing well into the storage facility is crucial; this will ensure you make the most of the space you are renting. Moving furniture and household items into a storage facility can be a costly exercise, but if you follow these five simple tips to saving money on furniture storage, then you will minimize the impact on your back pocket.

About the Author: Tom is a home furniture removalist with over 4 years experience. Tom is also a regular contributor in blogs and forums. Aside from blogging and working, Tom loves spending time with his family and friends.