Cut Your Mobile Phone Costs With These Top Tips!

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save-money-on-mobile-7815287 In this technological age where iPhones and other smart mobile gadgets dominate our person, it’s a surprise we’ve even got pockets to spare. But these things don’t come cheap, and a pay as you go smartphone can cost anything between £250-£600. As a result, many of us flock to the latest mobile phone shop, online and on the high street, and scour the deals splattered all over their walls. Decent 12 month contracts are hard to come by as mobile phone operators look to tie consumers into lengthy deals. Offerings of T.Vs, Laptops, PlayStations, Xboxes and cash back are exchanged for pricier contracts and fewer minutes, and once the novelty of your new 30in flat screen wears off, you’ll be seething at the thought of high bills and lengthy call queues to complement your new smartphone. However, owning the latest piece of mobile technology doesn’t have to be a pricey as you think. There are many ways in which you can reduce your monthly bill and get a better service at the same time.
First things first – get your budget sorted Apps and other downloads can play havoc with your mobile phone bill, and you’ll soon realise that you’re paying more to play games instead of actually calling people. Apps may appear cheap, but if you continuously download them over the course of a month then you’ll feel it in your pocket too. To keep this spending low, set a budget and stick to it.

Watch out for those Gs!

A 3G network is more than enough for the typical 9-5 jobber, so don’t get sucked into paying over the odds for anything more. Unless you’re a hard core gamer or an IT professional, constantly using fast streaming and mobile internet access, then you don’t need and 4G commitments in your contract! Talking on Facebook, Tweeting on Tweeter and scanning the internet for the latest gossip can all be done from the palm of your 3G phone.

Manage your account

Many mobile phone operators allow you to place blocks on your outgoing calls if you go over your allotted allowance. Make sure of this service, as it could save you from totalling up a hefty sum. This option is very useful if you have children with mobile phones tied to your contract. Putting bars on the calls, texts and internet access will allow you to monitor their talking activity as well as reducing the cost to you!

Get rolling

The attraction of the latest smartphone will have you signing on the dotted line before you’ve even looked at the contract. However there are ‘rolling’ monthly contracts that allow you to have the benefits of minutes and messages, while still being able to opt out any time you like. You’ll have to shop around, but there’s quite a variety that litter the high streets. Furthermore, have a look into refurbished smartphones. You can grab these for a lot cheaper than the RRP price, and your rolling contract sim -card can fit straight into the handset. Result!

About the Author: This article was submitted by financial writer Francesca who writes for Brookson ( She enjoys sharing her knowledge of finance and money management and hopes that people find her articles useful and informative.