Easily Improve Your Customer Retention Rates & Grow Your Business

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From Editor: This is a guest article from Eric Graves

It is more important than ever to have the capability to, not only reach new customers, but retain the clients that have already experienced your services. High retention equals growth of your company which, ultimately, is your number one goal. You might ask yourself how you can encourage clients to resist the competition and remain loyal to you. It all begins with extra, personalized attention, superior product performance and exceptional customer service.

People want to feel important and if you can get your company to connect with your customers on a personal level, you will find them returning to you. How do you do this? There are a number of ways but it all starts from the first introduction.

Whether your customer has entered your store, visited your website or attended a meeting with you, first impressions are extremely memorable. If you have a trained staff that is consistent, genuine and enthusiastic about the product, you have begun to make your client feel important. Once you have gained this customer, keep them on your radar by sending them a thank you or satisfaction survey email to show them that they matter. Have them connect to your social media sources (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn) for the latest information and specials on your product. And, maybe, send them a personalized ‘thank you’ card via direct mail. If your customer can feel like they matter to you, they will come back every time. Another necessity to improving your customer retention rates is providing a quality product with superior performance at a fair price. Keep modernized on the latest trends, products and marketing in your industry. Send surveys to your customers to measure their satisfaction and respond accordingly to their answers. You value their opinion so let them know that either by rewards or response. The third element to retaining customers is first-rate customer service. This, again, begins at the first introduction. Be sure to hire friendly, helpful, welcoming and accommodating individuals that believe in the product and your company. You can train them by sending them to customer service classes if need be. If you just start by treating the customer as you’d like to be treated, you will find them back at your door or on your website time after time. This customer service, again, needs consistency, flexibility and a genuine interest by you and your staff in making your client feel important. Take time to work with them. Follow through with promises. Be sure your employees know what they are talking about. All of this customer service will gain and retain your customers. There is one word that can sum it all up – communication. Communicating keeps your customers informed and feeling important and keeps yourself visible in their worlds. This is how you retain your customers .

About the Author: Eric Graves is the sales manager for Baslerco Inc, a custom print shop specializing in personalized Post-it notes. He and his team can keep your business growing with promotional marketing materials that outline your products and specials.