Five Ways To Save Money Throughout Your Day

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Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Article by Kate Willson

Do you feel like saving money is just too hard to do? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when you think about your financial situation? Do you ever wish you could do something that was simple, yet effective in helping you manage your money? Well, here’s a little list of five things you can do from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep in order to help yourself out money-wise. It’s not meant to be the ultimate solution to all your problems, but it just might be enough to inspire you to change your money habits and be more financially responsible.

Take A Shorter Shower

The first place you can save money is in the shower. If you cut down your shower time by five minutes, you can save around $10 of water for the year. This number is based on the national average cost of water in the United States, which is two dollars a gallon, as well as the average amount of water that comes out of our showerheads, which is around two and a half gallons of water a minute.

Skip The Expensive Coffee

If you get a coffee on the way to work every morning, you could stand to save a bundle of money by simply giving up that habit. If you pay $5 each morning for a coffee, multiply that by the number of weekdays there are in a year—around two hundred and forty—and you get $1,200 in savings. Still need coffee? Simply cutting it out once a week could save you $60 a year.

Pack A Lunch

Likewise, you should also consider packing your lunch each day. If you eat lunch out every day at work, you’re probably spending an average of $10 dollars a day, conservatively. This equals approximately $2,400 a year on lunch. Again, if you can cut that down, you’d have some serious savings left over.

Avoid Rush Hour Traffic Jams

Commuting through rush hour traffic wastes your valuable time and your precious gas, which means more money flows out of your pockets when you’re idling in a traffic jam. If you can find a little flexibility in your work schedule and miss traffic by thirty minutes or so, you’ll be able to both save your gas money each week and give yourself a much less stressful commute.

Turn Out The Lights

When you get home and it starts to get dark, make sure to go around your house and turn off all your unnecessary lights. You really only need to have the lights on in the room you’re in; anything else is just wasting electricity and money. Turning off extra lights could save you money not only regarding your light use, but also your air conditioning use during the summer, as many incandescent lights can slightly affect a room’s temperature as well.

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