How to Create a Relaxing and Eco-Friendly Garden

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eco-friendly2bgarden-8931928 Are you thinking of giving your garden a make-over? Well, you don’t need to spend so much just to enjoy a beautiful yard. Go green so that you can save on costs and at the same time get a chance to do something for the environment. The go green concept is about learning how to make choices that are environmentally friendly. It’s true that a garden is such a perfect addition to your abode where you and your family can relax and hang out. But it is also one ideal place to practice green living. If you are looking for ways to enhance your garden, here are some suggestions that are not only effective but are also eco-friendly.
• Create a garden with a cohesive design. Decide on the particular design you would like. You need to have a singular focus in your garden with supporting embellishments that can match your main idea. For instance, you can build a gazebo, a statue, or any sculpture that serves as the focal point. Create a pathway from the garden entrance to that focal point. You may use terra-cotta bricks, adobe, or gravel. Ask your garden store to provide you suggestions with eco-friendly materials which you can use.

• Add natural elements like waterfall or fountain.

The sound of water flowing is so relaxing it matches the serenity of the garden. It will add a natural feeling to the area and people who would visit will definitely find it more comforting. But water is such a precious resource so you need to find ways to conserve it. One way to do this is by putting the fountain in a shaded or cool area to prevent it from getting exposed to the sun as it will lose water more quickly through evaporation. Through this, you can enjoy the water feature but at the same time, you would not waste as much water.

• Grow plants in your garden.

You will have access to a fresh harvest of vegetables if you grow some in your garden. Choose only the plants which can be grown locally because exotic plants may be more expensive and difficult to grow. Likewise, if you do plant your own vegetables, you are actually helping reduce carbon emissions particularly if you do not use chemical pesticides and fertilizer because these can harm the environment.

• Improve your garden architecture.

You can further design your garden by creating an architectural form such as fence, iron gate, or some metal topiary forms perhaps. Create walkways or pathways. You can use eco-friendly materials such as crushed stone or recycled glass in the construction. As much as possible, choose inputs that are made of recycled materials. There are many ways wherein you can contribute to a better environment. Cultivating and decorating a garden in your very own home using eco-friendly materials is just one of these. Make it a comfy and lucrative corner by decorating it with natural elements and growing your own vegetables the natural way. Adding an iron gate, a bamboo fence, or some metal topiary will also prove to be creative and ingenious. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you deserve to come home to a cozy garden that soothes not only the mind but also the spirit.

Todd Huff is “Charlotte Landscaper” who works with Ultimate Greenscapes specializing in landscape design management. Todd has over three decades designing outdoor living spaces that utilize local plants and foilage to create sustainable, easy-to-care-for designs