How To Evaluate Mobile Collaboration Vendors for your company Staying in your Budget

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The feature phone era is declining rapidly. An increasing number of people are moving onto smartphones and tablets. For mobile vendors, this era is quite literally untapped potential. For companies, selecting the right mobile collaboration vendors is crucial. Here is what you need to look for when evaluating mobile collaboration vendors.

Email Capabilities

The biggest collaboration between vendors and mobile companies is that of push email. An increasing number of people are using emails on their mobiles due to the incredible ease at which an email can be sent from it. In a corporate environment, it makes sense to evaluate the email capabilities of a vendor. If the email capabilities offered by the vendor are sufficient in power and ease, keep the vendor in mind. You generally want to choose an email collaboration vendor that offers a powerful and optimized email solution that is very easy to use. When functionality improves, the user interface suffers. Ensure that the vendor provides a simple interface. Without it, power does not matter.
Document-based Capabilities An increasing number of workers, especially corporate personnel, are using their smartphone to create and edit documents. This does not come at a surprise though. With the processing power and screen size coupled with smartphones today, this was bound to happen. From making simple charts to a multimedia-rich presentation, smartphones can do it all. It is hence vital that you select a vendor that offers document-editing capabilities. With the increases in screen size editing office documents will become easier than ever before. Offering your employees the capability of editing their work away from the office is a very handy option. By doing so, you increase productivity.

Conferencing Capabilities

With the plethora of technological advancements that have been made, audio and video conferencing has become easy. In a corporate environment, video conferencing allows colleagues to talk to each other with ease, even when in another country. According to one research, almost 35% of senior staff members use video conferencing. When you evaluate possible mobile collaborations, ensure that you consider a vendor that provides powerful conferencing capabilities. This significantly improves productivity and keeps international call costs down.

Notification Capabilities

In the corporate world of today, time is everything. The delay between project completion and the launch of the product could be costly. When evaluating the best mobile collaboration vendors for your company, ensure that the vendor can provide ample notification features. For example, if an advertising firm’s design department is done with initial drafts, the application should notify the product development team so that they can start working on the product. Every small delay adds up to something.

Future Expansion

There is no point in collaborating with a vendor for a short-term gain. In business, profits lie in long-term investments. When evaluating vendors, ensure that they can sustain their collaboration for many years. Not only is this cost effective in the short and long run, it ensures that you do not have to hire another vendor to remake the application from scratch. Ensure that the vendor collaborates in such a way that the product or service can be expanded on in the future.


When you are unable to acquire the information from your own expertise, you will generally seek someone else’s. In a corporate environment, using search engines will not always grant accurate information. When evaluating a vendor, ensure that the application will provide accurate information about your company or product. For example, when collaborating with a vendor for an information database, ensure that it includes information from other experts rather than just your own.

User Interface

One important aspect you must evaluate is that of a user interface. Even if you find vendors that provide all the above services, without an easy to use interface, it is practically useless. Most employees will stop using the application. Although there are a few things that you will need to consider before making your decision, evaluating the best mobile collaboration vendors for your company should no longer be a hard task. If you didn’t know what aspects to evaluate previously, this guide should help evaluate the right aspects.

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