How to Sell Your House without a Realtor in Any Market

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sell-your-house-3685229This is a guest post by Shirley Jones

So you have decided to sell your house and that to without taking the help of any realtor I the market. That is a bold step as doing it alone is a good decision on one hand and a risk on another. It is seen that even after signing up with real estate agents for selling properties, the house may lay fixed for months end. There might not be any suitable buyers or the quote provided is not good enough for you. Things would have been brighter but with the economic condition also stiff, how can one expect to get the house sell fast that too without the backbone of any professional help? The answer is simple. One just has to trust oneself in getting the job done. The home owner needs to play the cards right.

How- that is the question. It is simple. Just follow some basic tips and the square peg will just fall in place. You know that in the job you are alone. So the very first step is to learn about the market. It is a good idea to study the current market trends and do a little bit of research as how much the current market will offer you for your house. You can either visit estate agents offices or try to gather some information or get plenty online but be aware of the shady ones as most of the times the figures that they offer are not true facts. Chances of getting duped are plenty so a thorough research is always preferable. Once you know the current trends of the market, take a look at your property. See whether it actually fits the market preference or not. If you are not sure of the valuation of your property, get the services of an experienced evaluator. In lieu of a minimal amount, you will have the actual figures of which your house is worth. Quoting the buyers will be easier in that way. However, prior to even meeting the buyers see to it that your house is in that perfect to sell condition. Compare it with other properties in the neighborhood and make any addition that will give your house the extra edge over your neighbor’s one. Redecorate the house, put a fresh coat of paint, change the upholstery and make it look presentable. Add a loft or an extra bathroom or a guest room for an added advantage. Any expense on your part and you can add it to the sell price.

It’s now time to get in touch with the buyers and there are some old ways and some new ways to do it. The real estate page for to let and sell ads in newspapers have often claimed and closed good deals. Trust then to help you sell your house. Outline your property’s good features like proximity to schools, shopping malls or medical centers. A good location always counts. Clearly put down your contact details so that any interested buyer can get through you easily.

You can also market your property online by registering your property with local sites. Your property gets featured in TV station websites getting you a direct contact link. Moreover with Google’s Street View technology, home owners looking forward to sell their properties on the web privately, the chances of selling a house without a realtor have caught the attention. Simply by putting your property in Google Maps, any prospective buyer has the opportunity to have a close up view of the property on sale along with the location. You do not have to make arrangements for any property viewing. The buyer sees and if finds it a match, gets directly in touch with you.

Tips are plenty and one has to learn the ropes on their own. So do not panic if you have decided to sell your house all by yourself. Putting a property for sale by owner is the current trend and it takes brave hearts to go on with the decision.

About the Author: Shirley Jones is a freelance content writer interested in developing various articles related to real estate. Her forte lies in writing engaging articles on how to deal with real estate agents, how you can sell your house fast under certain circumstances, how important house buying companies have become in today’s property market and all.

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