Love Film or Netflix, Which is The Better Investment For The Family on a Budget

Both Netflix and Lovefilm are rapidly improving and the competition has increased since Netflix has been released in January this year in the United Kingdom. A number of people want to find out what investment will be more worthwhile for the family. I have looked into this and have compared the main features to see what one is the best investment for me and my family.

What packages does Love film have?

Lovefilm’s cheapest option includes the Instant unlimited streaming package for just £4.99 per month. This includes over 6,000 titles that are available to view at any time. This is aimed for those that just wish to stream films and TV episodes.

Lovefilm offers a wide variety of films under specific genres which makes it easier to select exactly what type of film you fancy to watch.

However, a problem that I have noticed is that it does not always offer all of the new released films that we are waiting to watch. I have found this on a few occasions where I have ended up using the Box Office section of  Lovefilm which have a charge of up to £3.49 per film.
As of January this year Lovefilm lowered their prices to ensure they stay in the competition with their competitor Netflix from the US.

Other options for Lovefilm;

• Postal deliveries option includes 3 discs per month for £5.99, with this choice you have 1 film out at a time which arrives first class and it is also a freepost envelope provided to send the DVD back once you have watched it. Note this option does not include the streaming.

• Instant and postal deliveries package, within this there is 3 options that you may want to consider. It includes unlimited streaming and unlimited DVD’s and blu-rays by post.

I. 1 DVD at a time this is a set price of £7.99 II. 2 discs at a time this is £9.99 a month III. 3 discs at a time for £13.27 a month

• Instant Streaming with unlimited Dvd’s, Blu-rays and games. There is two options for this:

I. 2 discs out at a time for £11.22 per month II. 3 discs out at a time for £14.99

What sort of package does Netflix have?

Netflix only currently offers one set price. This is £5.99 per month which includes; films and TV programmes at anytime.

You can see that Netflix online streaming package costs £1 more than Lovefilm’s unlimited streaming package.

Lovefilm has over 6,000 titles available whereas Netflix has a smaller selection of over 1,000 titiles.

It really depends on what you are looking for. For the movie Afficionado’s out there, Netflix does offer a higher resolution image quality and greater sound quality for some of its titles. However, this will usually only appeal to certain people.


As you can see it depends on what sort of package you want. If it is only the streaming that you want you will need to decide between the £1 differences at this time. For most people that are on a budget, Lovefilm would prove the better value for money.

Before you make your final decision, remember that both Lovefilm and Netflix are currently offering a free 30 day trial. Here you could simply try both and see what you prefer. Just remember to cancel before you’re 30days is up if you do not want to continue with them.

David Bird is a freelance writer and full-time blogger. You can read a more full review over at Netflix or lovefilm