Save Money with Your Internet Service Providers

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The Internet has certainly come a long way from its luxury state to being an essential utility. Just like with any other utility, Internet service providers will take every measure to obtain every last possible penny from their customers for the service they provide. Fortunately, there are a few ways customers can avoid paying more than they need to for basic service.

1. Always Accept Offers in Writing

Like any other market with numerous providers, broadband has become very competitive. This means many providers will offer lucrative deals only to show that they mysteriously disappeared once the first bill arrived in the mail. Internet service providers will lie through their teeth to receive a signature on the contract while billing will claim to not know a thing. Customers seeking to sign up for new service may wish to conduct the meeting through web chat. This will provide a transcript that can be emailed in the event the lucrative offer is never provided. No billing service can deny a promised deal with written proof.
2. Request Economy Service Though this is not true for everybody, many users will find paying extra for faster Internet is like paying for faster water. Most people do not realize that broadband is already much faster than dial-up and is never off, so there is not often reason to upgrade for normal, casual users. In fact, a provider might offer slightly slower speeds for considerably lower prices. Typically, they will not advertise this service as the only reason it exists is for regulatory agreements. Ask about the lower speed and look to save a few extra dollars a month. Though there should be no noticeable difference, it is just as easy to switch back if there is.

3. Never Pay for Installation

Internet service providers will often try to sell their installation services, but they are rarely necessary. While they will handle outdoor wiring for free, they are not actually trained to handle indoor wiring. At that point, even if you have never handled installation before, why pay for someone with the same level of training? Remember that a provider cannot charge until the Internet is working, so telephone technical support will do whatever they can if you find you need help with the installation process.

4. Never Rent a Modem

Check your monthly bill for an equipment rental fee. With the amount of time you have your modem, you can wind up paying a rather high and necessary fee over the course of the rental, and it will cost considerably more than the cost of the modem itself. Write down the model number of your rented modem and plug it into eBay or Amazon; you’ll find that it comes affordable, and you can tell your provider to keep their modem.

5. Take Advantage of Deals

Internet service providers frequently offer promotions and great prices for new customers. However, just because your service is up does not mean you should pay more. If you are not in a contract when a promotion occurs, try calling your provider and mention you were thinking of canceling; it’s amazing how quickly you will receive the benefits of that promotion.

6. Regularly Complain

Your Internet will likely go down every now and again; don’t take this lying down. Complain to your provider and keep a log of issues, asking for statement credits whenever there is a slow down or an outage. Keeping these tips in mind will allow customers to save money by receiving the same great service everyone obtains.

About the Author: This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find internet service providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.

Image courtesy: philcampbell