Why Should You Push Your Kids to Have Breakfast?

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copyright-2011-corbiscorporationSometimes parents cannot decide on whether it is the right thing to push your kids to have breakfast. There are times when we feel we have overdone things when we scold them. However, the truth is that pushing them to have breakfast is the right thing to do. Let’s face it, unlike other cultures worldwide, European culture is very different. There are restrictions even for parents on what they can say to their children. Parents always worry, and want the best for their children. They want to make sure their kids are alright because they care. Sometimes, they get so frustrated that scolding and harsher measures are very tempting. This is why it becomes difficult to know where to draw the line. However, giving up too soon is not the option. Parents just have to push their kids to have breakfast. Being a parent means symbolizing the right thing to do. Children look up to their parents for inspiration and care. Mothers especially, feel the burden of guilt if the child doesn’t feel good all the time. In fact, mothers spend more time with their kids. Therefore, they can feel the impact of unhealthy eating habits. They will be the first to notice their child’s behavioral changes at home and at school.
When children miss their breakfast, at first you might not notice anything disturbing. Within a short time, children start having problems with staying focused. They are distracted, lazy and agitated. At home, they will begin to be less interested, reserved and distant. Subsequently, these changes will affect their health. The child’s immune system and other metabolic processes will be deprived of nutrients. In a growing age, these problems have a direct impact on growth.

In school, your child will find it difficult to pay attention in class. That’s particularly because the rumbling in the stomach is very disturbing. Besides, with energy running low, the brain’s functions slow down. This makes it almost impossible for the child to stay focused in class. Subsequently, the inability to understand and pay attention in class will affect performance in final exams.

According to some research, children who eat a healthy breakfast stand a better chance of excelling academically. Such kids are less hyper than kids that skip breakfast and hence behave better. They have a social and interactive lifestyle. Moreover, kids that regularly have breakfast have better immunity and stay healthy.

Conclusively, forcing children to have breakfast is important because parents care. Parents want the best for their kids! Of course, there are refined and interesting ways of making sure children have breakfast. That’s what parents should lookout for, rather than giving up on forcing them to eat in the morning. For this child, this may have negative repercussions down the road.

About the Author: Mike has been raising 2 children and has a strong passion for nutrition. Apart from writing, Mike offers advice on children toys and especially on dizzy dancers toys