How to Save Money on Pet Care

Pets can be some of our most beloved companions, providing us with years of happiness. It is our responsibility to care for them and ensure their health and happiness in return. Caring for even the smallest and most independent pets can start to add up. From the food to the grooming to the veterinary care, owning a pet can create a financial burden. However, there are many ways that you can save money on pet care so you can reduce that burden while also providing the care that your beloved pet needs. Here are a few tips:
Make Your Own Treats

Treats are a nice way to reward your pets or to show them you care. But your pets can snap through treats like candy, adding significantly to your grocery bill. You can provide your pet treats and save money by making them yourself. Check out these recipes ( from Cesar’s Way, care of The Dog Whisperer.

Groom Yourself

Baths, nail clippings, hair trims and more are necessary to keep your pet clean and healthy. However, these visits can cost hundreds of dollars if you get the full treatment. You can save a lot of money by simply grooming your pet yourself. Give your own baths, and get the tools to trim nails and fur. Everything you need is readily available in pet supply stores.

Ask Friends to Pet Sit

Boarding can cost hundreds of dollars even for a short visit. You could always stay home with your pets to save the money, but who wants to forego vacation? Instead, ask your friends to look after your pets when you go away for the weekend or for longer trips, reducing your bill to zero. You can set up a system where your friends watch your pets when you go away and you return the favor by watching their pets or home when they go on vacation.

Get Regular Vet Visits

Though vet visits can be expensive, it is even more expensive to allow your pet to become sick and require major medical treatment. Regular vet visits help to ensure that your pet is in top health and to identify any problems before they become serious. If health problems like gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, or diabetes are allowed to progress untreated, it will take thousands of dollars to treat and save your pet once they are discovered. Save yourself money and keep your pet healthy by getting regular vet checkups.

Buy Pet Insurance

Even with regular vet visits, your pet can become seriously ill. Pet insurance can help you get the treatment your pet needs without having to spend thousands of dollars. Just like with health insurance, you pay a premium for pet insurance, and it covers qualified medical expenses when your pet gets sick. Shop around for policies to get the best rate and the coverage that your pet needs.

Caring for pets can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips and you’ll save money and make sure that your pet gets the care he needs.

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