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Dear readers, I have started MoneyHacker on 3rd November 2003 with an intention to provide maximum information and knowledge on investment and personal finance to the readers. In the middle of 2008 I have made MoneyHacker as a free blog by removing its copyright to UnCopyright one. My intention is to provide readers to the freedom to use the contents in this blog as they wish. There is not limit of copying, publishing, printing or distributing any contents from this blog. Of course, I have posted very valuable information for users to have better idea on financial planning, investments, money management and more. I have also shared my personal success stories, practices and failures I have made with finance or investing to give more better ideas to the MoneyHacker readers. I have posted regularly for readers and new visitors a lot and lot to get new knowledge and practices. My blog post archive almost filled with all kind of information that a person required to have through references or study on personal finance, investing and money management.

Only disadvantage I have seen in me is – my language. Yes, I am not a native English speaker, but write-ups in MoneyHacker helped me a lot to personally improve my writing and speaking skills and now I am confident, I can stand with any native speakers.

Winston Churchill once said, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it“. This quote attracted me a lot and I decided to take that path. My first action was to release the copyright on my blog which later made it as an UnCopyright blog. I have posted articles on various subjects on personal finance and referred a lot to write new articles. An interesting fact revealed in my study that, blog readers are more interested to collect better ideas that learn something directly from any blog or site. This truth influenced me a lot and I started sharing ideas than step by step learning articles.

However, I have identified that I am providing a very small part of information from the vast world of personal finance. This fact forced to me think how I could able to provide maximum information to the readers. I finally identified the best approach to reach this goal through twitter. I have created two twitter accounts to provide maximum information to the readers. In the first account called as @Moneyhacker, I am sending tweets on each 15 minutes packed with excellent information and links to the best resources on personal finance, investment, money management and lots, available anywhere in the world.

In the second account @Mhackers I have dedicated to update links and successful ideas on entrepreneurship. It also updates with ideas on small businesses, personal and home business, and additional income generation ideas, in each 15 minutes.

Yes, I have twitter accounts but, how could you take advantage from it. I highly recommend you to follow me in either @Moneyhacker or @Mhackers or both. If you are not a twitter user, create an account at Twitter now and follow me as your first member. I will have a facility to follow you back immediately without fail!

Remember, simply following this account not going to give you maximum benefits. But, ensure you have created a list in twitter and added these accounts to that. List would ensure you are getting all my resourceful tweets and never miss any of the important information on personal finance, investment or even on entrepreneurship ideas. I am sure and promise you that, once become a follower of MoneyHacker, you will surprise with the valuable information you are receiving time to time. My efforts has packed with everything that you need to become financially successful and organized in a better way.

In case if you don’t have twitter account and don’t want to create one at this time, you still have option to get my tweets time to time. Become one of my fan in my Facebook or connect me through LinkedIn. This would also ensure you will get all my tweets.

Remember, I love to provide you ideas and points that any particular lessons. This would be your best friend or future steps to the right knowledge. As a follower of mine, you can ensure you are not missing any best resources available in the net today!

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