Top Tips to Save Money on Your Salon Necessities

Our hair is our pride and glory, but who really has the money to give our locks the Hollywood treatment? Getting your tresses checked out by a professional stylist can lead to hefty bills. By reducing your need for salon treatments, you can pinch pennies and still have healthy, shining hair.

Ditch High End Products

No matter what your stylist says, there are plenty of cheap brand products that work just as well as designer alternatives. Tresemmé and Herbal Essences are both great for keeping your hair in fantastic condition. You can also buy them in value sized bottles, so your shampoo lasts longer and you get more product for your buck. For those with dyed hair, choose colour protection to hold your shade for longer.
Wash Your Hair Sparingly
To keep your locks in perfect condition, you only need to wash your hair sporadically; definitely not every day. Washing your hair too often strips away all the healthy, natural oils and the heat of the water causes damage. When your hair is looking on the grotty-side, sweep your locks into a chic up-do and get another day’s leverage out of it. Many hairstyles actually work better with unwashed hair, as they hold better.


Why buy extra products when you can make some fantastic home remedies for healthy hair? Hair masques are a great way to give your hair that extra boost, and you can do it yourself with half a banana, an egg, one-and-a-half tablespoons of plain yoghurt (or three tablespoons of milk) two tablespoons of honey,and five tablespoons of olive oil. Just massage this mixture into your scalp and leave to condition, before washing out again with shampoo.

Change Stylist
You may adore your stylist, but if she or he is overcharging you for a simple trim, go elsewhere. Where possible, cut corners. Instead of getting your hair shampooed at the salon, wash your hair at home and turn up squeaky clean. If you want your tresses coloured, consider buying the materials from a drugstore and get a friend to help you dye your own do.

Too Hot To Handle

Avoid applying heat to your hair whenever possible. Opt for the air drying approach when you can, rather than blow drying, which causes split ends. This’ll mean fewer trips to the salon to get your hair tidied up. Beauty salon equipmentis also responsible for harming your locks. Unfortunately, your hair isn’t designed to be steamrolled straight.

Deal Hunting

If your local salon offers a loyalty programme, sign up! You could get big discounts off your monthly treatments and save yourself a lot of money in the process. Some salons will hand out free haircuts on training nights, so novices can practice their techniques on real models. You could find your new look for no money whatsoever.

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