Top 7 Creative and Innovative Ways to Make Money Online

For once if you had made the claim that it was possible to make money online a decade ago, people would have simply laughed at the idea. However, given the increasing reach of internet and a range of options that it offers to a person, earning money the online way is a reality. You can give your creativity a boost and can work out making money online, the creative way.
Below are listed top seven innovative and creative ways of making money online. Try these and realize the benefits.

1.) Sell photographs online

If you are a photography enthusiast, a range of options exist in form of stock photography websites that pay for sharing photographs. The online world is live with examples of people who have made selling photographs online a career. All you need is a quality camera and enrollment with any of these websites. Adhere to their guidelines and submit your clicks. These websites pay a flat amount if the pictures meet the standards set by the website. You will not only be able to make good money but will help establish yourself as a recognized photographer whose images will be downloaded, the world over.

2.) Tweeting for sponsors

The increasing popularity of social media websites has created a buzzword in the online world. You can use this to your benefit. Register with and make money on Twitter. The sponsors will pay you for communicating their message effectively to the customers. What better, you can choose the money, you would charge for tweeting for a client. A word of caution though, set the amount within accepted limits and chances are bright that you will have sponsors clambering to you for writing Tweets on their behalf.

3.) Sell Affiliate Products

For those who have a flair for selling, and wish to earn some extra money in spare time, affiliate marketing is the best course of action to pursue. Amazon and eBay are some of the websites that are into affiliate marketing. Register with them and sell products on their behalf. Imagine, the top affiliates on eBay end up earning up to $1.3 million a month. It is high time that you try your hand at affiliate marketing and start making money.

4.) e-Books

Writing books till recent years was considered the preview of niche writers. However, with a range of websites available that publish e books and share about 70 percent revenue with the writers, it is high time that one tries hand at writing e books. Barnes, Amazon, Kobo and Noble are some of the websites that publish e books. Get in touch with any of these and initiate your writing career. Besides giving you wide publicity, e books will help you generate significant money that can substantiate your regular income.

5.) Virtual Assistant

The concept of virtual assistant is rather new in the online world but is gaining increased acceptance, off late. Small business owners and those who cannot afford to have regular office space go in for the concept of virtual assistants. You might be expected to do tasks as booking online tickets or answering the queries of customers that your boss assigns to you. The payments are pretty good and you can expect up to 20 dollars per hour for the service provided by you.

6.) Freelance writing

Freelance writing is another creative way of making money online. Not only will you writing skills get sharpened but you will be able to make a substantial amount of money through this mode. Most of the websites that accept freelance writers pay upfront while some others pay residual income. A viable way of making money online through freelance writing is to write for upfront paying and residual mode websites simultaneously. Register with 2-3 websites at a given point of time and you will be able to make a comfortable amount of money, enough to take care of your daily needs. A host of websites including Freelancer, eHow, Instastudio and Ayushveda are available and you can lease out your writing skills to any and all of these.

7.) Mobile App Testing

Using iPhone apps can be a profitable venture. Companies pay one for testing their mobile apps, if the person is comfortable with technology. UTest is one such application that pays the users to test mobile apps. As you create a name for yourself in the niche area, new avenues will open up for you and you will end up becoming a certified mobile app tester.

Try the above listed means and you will end up earning a fortune, all in your free time.

Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut