A Note to a Bastardeous Commentator

fu-9037156I am sure you will wonder after seeing this article and its title. My sincere apologies to all gentle readers and commentators.. I am certain that the title and this note are truly rough and of course, unacceptable to gentle people. However, in this world, each human have patience limit. Someone questioned my patience to the maximum..

Reason for writing this note: A person (or an alien..?) starts commenting to my blog about one month back with “Anonymous” tag (May be this bastard do not have any human name and address. I have heard that Google made people April fool by showing visit count from other planets in the April fools day. If this scoundrel is from an another planet, my apologies..) and it seems he has taken quotation from all the rubbish blogs to promote them by tailoring the blog name at the end of his each comments in good blogs (I am sure this person may doing the screwing activity with lots of other blogs like mine)..

Anyway, he don’t know each of his nonsense comments automatically going to SPAM folder. However, while seeing the spam box filling with his comments, I thought I would give him an award like this in my blog…. my appologies to all gentle readers, visitors and commentators for writing such note because of such public nuisance. Sincerely, Administrator….