10 Great Excel Templates for Personal Budget Management

Most of us know that Microsoft Excel is one of the most frequently used programs by people who are looking to keep tabs on their personal spending and organize their personal budgets. However, there are some people who shy away from using Excel, because they are unfamiliar with how it works and aren’t interested in learning how to input data and formulas. Thankfully, there are people out there who have decided to do that for you. Here are 10 excellent MS Excel templates that make keeping a personal budget incredibly easy.
Personal Budget For those looking to plan ahead and keep tabs on your personal budget for the entire year, this is a great template to choose. It gives you an interface that’s easy to follow and allows you to see your yearly budget planning and the sum of its parts in a very clear and understandable manner.

Monthly budget plan and analysis

If you are running your own small business, this is a great one. It gives you details not only on your planned budget, but on how much you have gone over it. The template also provides you with enough room to comment these budget trends so that you know exactly what it is you are looking at and where your money went.

Personal monthly budget spreadsheet

This one is a template that focuses on your monthly budget. You can submit an estimate of how much you are able to spend on a monthly basis and then get a comprehensive look at the end of the month to compare your actual expenses with your projected ones and determine where you will need to tighten your belt in order to stay on track with your projections.

Household budget

Here is a template that the entire family can update and participate in together. It enables you to thoroughly keep track of your household budget and see how you are spending your money in as a family or household.

Household monthly budget

This is yet another great monthly template for household budget monitoring. You expenses can be easily categorized with this template so that you can see how much you are spending in each area of your everyday household budget.

Family budget (monthly)

Check this one out if you want to get your whole family involved in the managing of your household budget. It is easy to understand and inputting your expenses to keep track of where the money goes on a monthly basis is very simple and effective.

Family monthly budget planner

This is yet another template that can help you keep your family budget organized so that you know where your money is going and what categories of expenses cost you more than you would like them to. You can calculate a projected monthly budget and then analyze whether or not you are sticking to it on a week to week basis.

Lawn and garden budget

Here is a pretty interesting and original budget management template. If you are really into your landscaping, this template enables you to track the expenses that you are putting into your lawn and garden. You also get great looking pie charts that present these expenses in a visual manner.

Wedding budget planner

If you are on the verge of tying the knot, this budget management template will allow you to meet your wedding budget goals so that you will have something left over for the honeymoon.

College student budget

If you are sending your kids off to school, using this template will enable you to see where your money is going, and it will allow your child to learn about financial responsibility and staying within a given budget while living away from home for the first time. Keep track of all college expenses and share it with your child so that they can appreciate how much money you are spending on their education. With these templates, all of the hard work has already been done for you; all you need to do is fill in your personal budget information to keep tabs on your household expenses with the greatest of ease.

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