Top Listed Financial Planning Articles on Money Hacker

For all our late comers, there are chances to miss out some of the best articles posted in previous years. In this context, Money Hacker listing some of the useful articles that posted previously. Each of this article are special in its kind to provide wisdom on personal financial planning, financial adviser selection and understand how money grows. I hope, you will enjoy this links and comment to let me know what do you think about my effort and your valuable suggestions.

1. Points To Remember When Managing Financial Resources – Is an article from the section of personal financial planning, originally posted on 2nd February, 2008, explaining some of the important points to your attention when planning personal finance. Points mentioned in this article generally not getting full attention from individuals as well as financial planners, at the beginning of planning. This is a true article exposing all those points to remember when planning finance. Have a look.

2. Personal Financial Planning thoughts and strategies – Posted on 24th October, 2008, this article explaining some of the important points an individual needs to keep in mind when preparing a personal financial plan to work. Points in this article intend to lead the personal financial plan to a more structured way. It is certainly an interesting read to get all awareness to plan and create good financial planning structure.

3. Independent Financial Adviser Selection – Posted on 27th November, 2008, it has all the clear cut information on selecting a financial adviser. It described the qualifications and qualities a person look and analyze on a financial planned to identify the suitability to select him as your adviser. I am sure, this article is the best in its kind, highly useful to people. Read to get excellent idea on financial adviser selection.

4. Rule of 72 for Compounding – Posted on 27th December, 2007 explaining what is 72 rule and how it works. 72 rule applies to identify the time required to double your money with given interest rate. This article have nice examples to know how it works. This is an article specially good for fixed deposit interested people through having low risk taking capacity to invest money on high risk instruments like stocks etc.

5. 15 Financial planning mistakes – Posted on 15th March 2009, this article listing the most common, 15 financial planning mistakes. It is a comprehensive list included all possible errors to help individual to get aware and avoid this errors when planning finance. This article also helps to assess your present financial plan against each points to know whether you have committed any listed big mistake(s) or not.

6. 5 Financial Life Categories – Posted on 30th June, 2009 explaining the categories of a financial planning cycle. This article can consider as a mini step by step personal financial planning article.

Hope you will enjoy reading these articles. I expect your suggestions as well as your opinions frequently.