Thoughts on Life and Wellness

“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness” ~Abraham Maslow

wellness-1533174Money, never alone is the benchmark for happiness and wellness. While planning personal finance and investments for future betterment, an individual should aware about the factors and points helpful to lead them to better life and wellness. This section reveals some interesting factors which highly support to get wellness in life or live better.

Here are the factors to help bringing life standard of anyone to the next level.

Rules for Self

Creating rules for life is not an easy task. Even if one have a well determined self rules to lead successful life, being in its boundary is more difficult. Famous characters always able to create well determined rules for life and always vigilant to live in that.
Being Hygienic and Go GreenBeing hygienic and living green, one is filling self with pleasure and peace to mind and soul. Both are major requirements to follow by each and everyone in the present world. There are lots of people and community working around the world to make all aware about the advantages of leading green life and being hygienic always.

Avoid Habits that Affect Health, Family and Relations

Any habits whether it is good and bad, if it affect your health or body, family life balance and the public, should be avoided avoid to live well. Healthy thoughts and actions that is helpful everybody to lead better life, can only come from those who are living healthy in mind and body.

Compromise and Understanding

Compromise and understanding is a fantastic practice especially for families, to live in peace and happiness. A person with open heart only can think about compromise than bringing any issue more complicated.

Obey Rules to Be a Good Citizen

Rules are not for controlling public and citizen but it is for providing betterment to the life. A good citizen should obey the rules to showing his integrity to public and nation. Being a good citizen, you are leading self to healthy life.

Be Responsible at Family and Work

Family is the first place and plays important role to form the personality of people. Living in a family with virtues, shapes a person to the right one who grows with responsibilities to self and family. In the same way, taking responsibilities of self and always offering helping hands to others automatically bring a person as a pet of others. Nothing more than this required to get happiness in work place.

Think about Charity

If a weeping face turns to smiley and you are the reason behind it, what would you required more to get happiness to soul? Charity never brings a person down but is the best way to bring happiness by helping people who really needful. Never hesitate to help others once if you can.In my limit of knowledge, I have written enough for all. I feel these are my best practices which brought enough pleasure to me and thought sharing the same would help someone else as well.