Top 10 Ideas to Help Fund Your Travels

copyright-2012-corbiscorporation-6 Everyone loves to travel. However, not everyone has a means of traveling or a way to afford it. Throughout the year we each experience our own stresses and our own moments of simply needing to get away. It is a luxury that we don’t all truly get a chance to experience, but wouldn’t it be nice if we all could? Wouldn’t the world as a whole be a happier place knowing that no matter what you may be dealing with in ‘x’ month you have this planned. I think it would, and believe a lot of people would agree with me because the lack of enjoyment in a life can lead to severe depression and withdrawal symptoms towards common social behavior. With this being put into consideration, think of a trip you’d like, and try applying the following to funding your need to simply get away.

Monitor how you travel. Minimize usage of vehicles Petrol prices have gone through the roof. The location you are going to, if you can walk there, walk. If you have a bike and it’s a sunny day, then go for a bike ride, get some nice air, and most importantly, pocket what would have been spent on fuel. Each time you do this you can gradually generate savings, and each step of the way it’s a step closer to your vacation away from home.

Make your meals from home and avoid going out to lunch

During your work day it comes to that point where it’s the middle of the day and you are ready to go to Starbucks. Take a step back and keep this money where it’s at, or stash it away. It’s more money that could go towards your trip.

Monitor your usage of your home utilities

Whether it is walking around turning lights off, or turning off the air conditioning and opening the windows, pay very close attention to your utility usage and bills. The more you save on them, the extra money you can store away.

Consider your cable and internet bills

This is not saying to get rid of it entirely, but evaluate what your current services are. Do you really need 250 channels? Or can you get by with 150? This is a monthly bill that can be cut in half, and in the long run can lead to several hundred pounds saved. Further, I have actually found that you can negotiate over your bill even for existing services – so give it a try.

Consider consignment shops

Many of us don’t realise that articles of clothing that sit in the closet going unused actually have a potential to sell if you go to a consignment shop. They will take a percentage of the sale in exchange for their shop space, and something you never use can go towards a few extra pounds for your trip.

If you are renting, consider what you are spending and if it is necessary

If you are in a lease then this won’t be applicable to you, however, those who are not in a lease consider your living space. If you have more then you need consider a slight downgrade for 100-150 pounds of saving a month and once again, extra money saved away for a trip.

Develop a shopping plan and cut out coupons

People tend to overlook the amount of money that can be saved with sales and proper coupon usage. At times you can actually knock the entire sale price in half, which in the long run computes to many pounds saved.

Find ways to make staying in fun

It’s understandable that being cramped in the house a lot of the time can lead to you feeling pretty bored, but consider options and way to make it more enjoyable. Going out can be a huge hit on the wallet, and the sacrifice of not going out leads to a holiday in a shorter amount of time. It will be worth it in the end.

Write out a budget plan

Consider roughly what you make in a month span, and then subtract from it the bills and expenses you know you can’t avoid. From what’s left over put a little fun money aside and consider the rest as savings.

Consider a second job

Not the most appealing idea when you work a fair amount of hours at one job already, but if you’re truly trying to push for the dream travel plans, then it may be truly necessary. Even if only for a short duration this could help you on the road to savings greatly. By taking these things into consideration you can live each day one step closer to the holiday you desire. It could be a dream come true attainable in only months.


Richard McMunn is the director and founder of and the author of this article. Richard spent 17 years in the Fire Service and now provides insider recruitment training for those looking to join the fire service, police service and also the armed forces. You can also connect with How2become on Twitter