6 Apps You Won't Regret Using

IN THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA, there’s no room for mistakes. Our online footprint will last forever, and we need help to keep ourselves from making stupid mistakes. Thankfully, technology (the same technology that can often get us into trouble) is there to help us make better decisions. Here are six apps that’ll help make life a little easier for you.

Drunk Dial NO! How many times have you been to a party, had a bit too much to drink, and then dialed your ex? It’s embarrassing, and when we drunk dial we often say things we know we shouldn’t. With Drunk Dial No!, you can hide a contact’s phone number and email address for up to 48 hours. There’s no limit on the number of contacts that you can block, and you can even create groups of people to block. This helps you from disturbing someone at 1 a.m. on a Friday and saying things you wouldn’t otherwise say. For example, you could put your ex-girlfriend on the list, or even your boss. Hide the contacts before you leave the house, and by the time your hangover subsides, your contacts list will be back to normal.


Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app that allows you to send and receive images and videos; then they’re deleted after ten seconds. It’s a popular app among the 20-something crowd. You can send a quick message to a friend, or send a silly photo. The benefit to Snapchat is that your message, photo, or video will be deleted almost immediately. Keep in mind that this program uses a lot of data, so if you use a prepaid phone make sure to stay within your data limit. While the photo will disappear within 10 seconds, be aware that the recipient can make a screenshot and save your video or photo message. Your risk of online embarrassment decreases with Snapchat, but it doesn’t completely disappear.


DriveSafe.ly is a mobile app that’ll read your text messages and emails out loud and automatically send a response while you’re driving. You never have to touch the phone, eliminating the dangers that come with texting and driving. It’s hands-free and has one-touch activation. The app helps you to stay connected, while reducing distracted driving. You keep both hands on the wheel, keeping you and everyone around you safer.


SelfControl is an Apple app that lets you block specific websites for 24 hours. If you’re having a hard time resisting the urge to check someone’s Facebook account or if you want to make sure you don’t send a drunk tweet, go ahead and block the website for up to 24 hours. Even if you restart your computer or delete the app, the sites you blocked remain blocked until the time runs out.


This app is designed to get you up and moving. Escape your lazy lifestyle and start getting healthier. Couch-to-5K builds a custom plan designed just for you to help you get situated to endurance running. The biggest threat to new runners is preventable injury. This happens in those that try to do too much too fast. Couch-to-5K tries to prevent this by using a method of gradually increasing your runs, strengthening your body,and improving your endurance. You’ll log your workouts and calculate your pace as well as your distance thanks to built-in GPS tracking. For treadmill users, you’re able to enter the information manually.


Has Apple maps lead you in a bad direction? Are you burned out with Google Maps? Are other third-party GPS apps just not cutting it for you? Ditch them all and get INRIX, available now for free. INRIX includes an accurate and comprehensive GPS and even alerts you of traffic jams. Avoid the stop-and-go traffic in the mornings with this app. You can see traffic flow for each street — it’s not limited to just highways. The most amazing thing about this app, though, is it allows you to look at local traffic cameras. You’ll be able to see how bad the traffic is first hand before you leave in the morning. Make sure you get home extremely quick in the afternoon by avoiding all the traffic. These apps are designed with helping the user make smarter decisions. With the way technology is progressing, who knows what the next generation of apps will hold. Have you tried any of these apps? If so, what was your experience? What app makes your life a little easier? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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