Convert a Barnes & Noble Nook Color Into a Low Cost Tablet Computer

nook-color-6879952While searching in the net for getting some information, I have read an article written by Brett Arends in technology column about how to convert a Barnes & Noble Nook Color into a fully functioning tablet computer. It is quiet interesting and understood not have received lots of attention.

By the uniqueness of this article, thought I would share with my readers and that would help them to understand the options available in the technology world. Here is the article for those are interested.

The Nook Color, which was designed mainly for reading books and magazines, is about half the size of an iPad or a Xoom. It weighs about 30% less. It runs on WiFi, but not 3G. It has an absolutely superb screen. And, once you’ve unlocked the software, it runs most Android applications, from email to news readers to TweetDeck to, yes, Angry Birds .

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