Season Special: Money Saving Tips for Winter

Finally the ‘Cool’ season started! People want to be more ‘Hot’. This is the time to skyrocket your utility bills! Here are some marvelous Money Saving tips for this winter season to practice. As we know, more spending happening to make hot inside the room, hot food are some of the necessities at this season. There are lots of loop holes to lose money if not taking enough care or having ignorance. This article specially prepared for you to identify these loop holes and make necessary steps to save lots of money at this winter season. Specialists and economical annual maintenance contracts are very necessary factors to ensure you are in comfort zone. Getting the help of a specialist is necessary to confirm your present setup is well! Arrange an appointment with local heat and air specialist to inspect your home heating systems and arrangements. Call your local roofer to confirm your roof insulation are perfect and there are no leaks.

Tip# 1. Conserve heat by properly insulate in your home as airtight. Confirm there is no leak in the roof, floor, and walls to lose heat. Look for any gaps in doors and windows and try to cover them up. The easiest way to do this for a door is to weather strip it, while the easiest way to do this for a window is the cover it with clear plastic. This will keep warm air in and cold air out and also let you see outside.

Tip# 2. Set your water heater temperature depends on your family member size. Tip# 3. Instead of gas, consider woods to heat your home. Of course, gas is much costlier than using woods. Tip# 4. Switch of Ventilator/exhaust fans immediately after the use. Or it would work as negative. Tip# 5. Use natural heating options. Not shut or block the windows which taking sun rays inside to your home at the winter season days. Tip# 6. Control your thermostat in a perfect way. Consider programmable thermostats! Once if thermostats set the way too high, the bill also come as high. Here’s an idea, set the thermostat at 68 degrees during the daytime. And at night turn the thermostat down to 55-60 when the family is sleeping. Also, when the house is empty, turn the thermostats down to about 55 degrees. The lower you set your thermostat, the more money you save. Tip# 7. Replace or clean the filters in your heating vents. Make sure the air is flowing freely and cleanly. Tip# 8. Think and act in advance. Purchase your winter clothes before starting the winter. This would help you to get all these in a rock bottom price. Confirm the quality of these cloths are satisfactory. Tip# 9. Take good care of your winter clothing, you won’t want to replace it every year so clean it the way the manufacturer tag recommends. Tip# 10. Wearing an extra blanket is highly helpful to reduce the heater temperature thus saving lots of money on electricity bill. Interestingly, this would applicable to your water heater too..! Cover it with a real good cloth to get protected from cold outside. Tip# 11. Remember, installation of solar panel is best for all the times. If you have solar panel installed, you don’t wait to waste money on water heater and room heater to a great extend. Tip# 12. Maintaining household heating equipment efficiency through annual maintenance or replacement of inefficient equipment can also save considerable money. Tip# 13. Confirm your refrigerator always in closed state. Also, never wash your dish or dresses once if it is not full to go ahead with. Tip# 14. Place automatic door closers in each doors that using frequently. Tip# 15. Always close the doors and windows of any rooms where no heat required. E.g. Store rooms, bathroom etc… That’s all. Inform here once if you have any other useful tips to add with this 15 tips. That would be appreciated and highly helpful to readers who visiting this article after you.

Image courtesy: Aunt Owwee