How to be a frugal at work

Little thoughts to be a frugal at work of course, going to be a right post in my blog considering the present market and economic conditions. Most of us working as full time or part time employee with any offices and activities such as blogging, certainly coming as the second priority. Fortunately, most of the offices today, providing facilities for employees to be frugal at work. Intelligent use of facilities by staying inside the rules, help us to save money through various ways.

Here is some tips on the possible money saving tips and being frugal at work.

1. Charge your phone at work place. Of course it is free2. If you have a company phone, immediately stop your personal phone service or give the same to your kin or wife. Company connection generally coming with discounts on calls than personal connections. Some companies setting some calling limit for its employees too. You can call from the company cell phone and inform them to reduce the amount from your salary. this will help you to save money by doing calls from a discounted connection.3. Arrange a group of employees and apply for any connections like cell phone or internet, to get possible discount on applying as group. If you take little initiative, you can get this discounts along with your colleagues and that helps to save money.4. Do you have a habit of drinking coffee or tea? Most of the offices have vending machines installed for employees to get tea or coffee. Such facilities enable employees to use the same frequently and save money. Utilize maximum if you have a coffee or tea drinking habit.5. If your employer allow to work from home, utilize that facility. You can thus save fuel costs, laundry costs as well as internet costs by reimbursing the money.6. Utilize the availability of discount coupons, tickets or any other passes that come as company specific. This will help you to save money to a great extend.7. Bringing fruits and other snacks to keep inside the refrigerators at work place help you to access the same whenever you required as well as save money by keeping the same in home refrigerators and taking to office in each day.8. Office is the best place to charge your laptops to save save electricity.There are lots of small things you can do with office to save money.Whatever it is, whether it is small or big, inside the rule of a company, you are the ultimate winner and an example to be frugal at work.some of you might have more innovative ideas and please share the same here if you willing. It would be helpful for readers to get maximum knowledge on the possible ways to be frugal at work. Comment frequently.