Excellent Money Saving Tips at Work

My search to find s useful list with practical money saving tips at work, ends here with this article. Here is a list of well practiced, excellent tips to save money at your office regardless where you are working. These tips are not just random picks from somewhere but, selected from the experiences of those who have practiced and succeeded. This would help you to implement one by one to save lots of money at the end of each time duration set by you. Major advantage of these tips are, it is so simple to adopt, highly practical by anyone regardless the nature of job, designation or location. As I said earlier, ‘None of these should consider as just a tip’ but, a set of well thought, practiced ideas taken from the experience of people around the world.

At the very beginning, I would like to clarify the real meaning of being frugal at work. Being frugal at work not only intend to save money to your pocket by practicing some well given tips but, you should practice and contribute the best to your company to reduce their costs too. To put these tips to true success, we required to identify how we losing money little by little at our workplace and how our small mistakes costs to our company. If you have identified both, you can start practicing below tips at work place. Not only that, you could encourage others to follow your path to become frugal at work. That will turn you as a real hero.Here is the practical tips for you to become frugal at work. I have divided this tips to two section where the first would help you to save your money and second will help companies to reduce their costs. Have a look.

Tips to save your own money at work

Tip #1 : Never have a hobby or practice of paying additional penny to any item or service available at work places which has price higher than available at outside. People generally thinking the price variation is very less and manageable to pay. Remember, pennies count to dollars in a long run!

Tip #2 : Have yourself a practice of carrying your lunch or snacks to the office to avoid paying extra pennies when buying such from there. Generally, foods and drinks serving at offices put little more price than available anywhere outside. If you have a habit of carrying your foods and snacks, you can avoid paying such extra money, whether it is relatively small or big. Tip #3 : Bring snacks as bulk from home and store it in office. If your item get damaged if store outside more than one day, use the fridge if available. If you don’t have a fridge at office, bring items like biscuits to keep at your desk for days without any damage. Tip #4 : You have huge opportunity to save money when traveling up and down. If your home is nearby office less than 1 KM, take a walk everyday. It would help your health as an exercise as well as helpful to save money. Tip #5 : You can use a bicycle if your office is not more than 3 kilo meters from your house. This also can be considered as a good exercise along with saving money. Tip #6 : If your office distance is more than 5 kilometers, select public transport than using your own vehicles. This practice help you to save vehicle expenses. Tip #7 : Do a car pool with your friends or colleagues to save traveling and vehicle expenses to a great extend. Through this method, rotate vehicles to pick and dope others in each day or in a weekly basis. Tip #8 : You can read newspapers at office or online to save money by subscribing in your home Tip #9 : Utilize freely available coffee, tea and water at office to save money by purchasing these items everyday. Tip #10 : I have my personal practice of having a piggy bank at office in a safe place to add all balances to it. Tip #11 : Classic Tip: If you have an option to work from home, take that path at least twice in a week. This would helpful to save tons of money which happening from all of the above points! Tip #12 : If you are driving your own vehicles everyday, dig the possibility of starting your work before the peak traffic time and ending in the evening in the same way. This would help you to save lots of fuel or gas with your vehicles. Tip #13 : Identify the wellness possibilities from company like medical insurance etc. This would help you to save lots of money yearly.

Tips to save money behalf of company

Tip #14 : Never miss to switch off computer monitors, personal printers, any devices that is not required, when you are not in office, fan, air conditioners, lights in your room or cubicles to reduce company costs. Encourage others to follow this as a regular practice. Tip #15 : If possible, utilize free approved sources and methods to complete your tasks whenever required, than asking company to purchase more resources. This would help companies to reduce new purchasing costs. Other way, you are increasing your productivity to the maximum to add value to company. Tip #16 : Be eco-friendly by utilizing paper to the minimum. Unless it is ultimate, never encourage printing and scanning by self and others. Through such practice, you and indirectly helping company to save lots of money. Tip #17 : Have your own bottles than using disposable cups and towels than using papers. This is highly eco-friendly and help company to save more money. Tip #18 : Instead of using sticky papers, you can use electronic sticky. This is eco-friendly and cost effective too, from company perspective.

Bonus tip

: Never keep your payslip aside. Take time to read each sections and breakups to understand how your salary calculated. If you have doubt on any part or calculation, contact the right people or department to clear it. Point out any calculation mistakes and errors time to time thus ensure you receive the money with next pay check. Be honest to inform your employer whenever find any additional amount added in your salary than the original. Such action always get noticed and appreciated!If you have a real idea, never reluctant to share it with others! Get opinions from others on what they think about it. This would be highly helpful to shape your ideas in a better way. Identify and create a group of people in your office with similar mind or thoughts. Having a group of people with similar thoughts is fantastic to share and get more and more ideas. Whenever receive an idea or tip, note it somewhere. If that is suitable to practice, test it for some days to identify the possibilities of practicing the same. If you do all the above, I am sure, you will become a master in saving money at work!

Feel free to contribute once if you have any idea/s that you feel would work better for others or company. Remember the rule: Sharing your knowledge is the best way to increase it to the next level and educate people to become more successful.

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