New Apple iMac Best in Class – A Complete CNet Review


apple-imac-27-8294997The good: The new 27-inch iMac offers the best performance among current all-in-ones, along with the largest display, the best design, and exciting potential from its Thunderbolt ports.

The bad: We still miss built-in HDMI inputs for easy media component integration, and, as usual, custom hardware options for the iMac remain more expensive than those for its Windows-based competition.

The bottom line: We recommend Apple’s new 27-inch iMac to digital media editors and others with serious performance needs on the strength of its impressive speed, its connected device potential, and its market-leading 27-inch display.

With a fast new second-generation Core i5 CPU, a high-end 3D card, and support for promising Thunderbolt high-bandwidth peripheral connection ports, the new, highest-end iMac has plenty to offer media professionals and enthusiasts in terms of performance and peripheral device flexibility.

For consumers, while the iMac still claims industry bests in terms of its display and its design, this system will feel like overkill in some respects, and underfeatured in others. We don’t recommend the most expensive new iMac for those looking for an OS X-based alternative to the recent crop of Windows-based all-in-ones that act as home entertainment kiosks. For serious media editors, or those looking for a vanity desktop, the $1,999 Apple iMac remains one of the fastest, most attractive systems available.

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