Money Hacker Best in August 2009

“A list is only as strong as its weakest link.” – Donald Knuth August is an important month for me. I have born in an August, in the same date Micheal Jackson born. Most of the articles added to Money Hacker in August was superb for getting ultimate personal finance and investing skills to readers. Below is a links to each of the best article contributed to Money Hacker in this month.

Personal Finance

1. Top 7 skill set to Financial Prominence – Have not missed the most important areas where a person required to build or sharpen her skills to have ultimate financial wisdom.

2. Active-Active-Passive Income thoughts – Motivating readers to generate income from three ways than commonly using 2 way income. It is a must read for us to identify possible ways to utilize our skills and generate income.

3. Financial Planning Process Chart – An easy, understandable chart explaining the financial planning process from the beginning to end for readers to plan, follow steps to build a fail proof personal financial plan for life.

4. An Ultimate Guide to Personal Budgeting Secrets – Exposing all secrets on personal budgeting to understand and make your budget fail proof and perfect.

Career and Finance

1. Highly Effective Interview Guide Part 1 – A practical start up article in the three part series. It is a self researched, most succeeded steps for those who looking and preparing for a job.

2. Highly Effective Interview Guide Part 2 – Explaining the required interview approach and a self made, practices ‘master trick’ to success with any interview.

3. Highly Effective Interview Guide Part 3 – Exposing the success secrets when reaching in front of the interview board. Perfect and highly convincing answers for 10 most tough, most common interview questions where most of them fails to provide right answer.


1. Top 5 Inspirational Books on Value Investing – This is a right article to get knowledge on ever written, best 5 investing books for investors. Any investor in not perfect without reading this world classics.

Case Study

1. Portfolio Balance Model – A highly effective case study revealing a perfect portfolio balancing secrets to the investors to balance portfolio with various assets, in right proportion, based on age and risk. A clear guided tour using tables and calculation methods.

2. Mutual fund Investing Mistakes I made as a Beginner – Case Study from the self experience revealing mistakes I have made when start investing in mutual funds. It revealing costly mistakes that an investor required to avoid.


1. Benjamin Grahams Mr. Market Allegory – Explains the exact idea provided by Benjamin Graham, father of value investing, through his famous Mr. Market allegory.

2. How to Prevent a Professional Killer from Being Your Fund Manager – A study and information on the ‘fund manager risk’ associated to mutual fund and steps to analyze a fund manager capability to avoid the risk when investing in mutual funds.