Money Hacker Monthly Wrap

I was excited by getting guest article throughout the month of January 2011. It is nice to say that most of articles posted in money hacker in the month of January are guest article written by various authors from around the globe. It covers different subjects that is interested to people from different places and traits.

Here is a short wrap of these articles added by arranging the same in a proper way to take an easy look:

January 03

Two Essential Financial Resolutions to Set for This New Year

A simple guidance to set two most important resolutions for this year and methods to work and achieve success with it at the end of year. This is really a good article for any individual who intend to move with realistic resolutions than setting multiple and none of them work for them later.
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January 06

Strategies for the Time of Food Inflation

Food inflation at the peak in various countries and people virtually suffering from it. It is a major culprit to empty our pocket in no time. Here are some strategies that help readers to do better and save money even at the time of inflation. This article is best to read for getting ideas on live within regular budget even it the ordinary time or the time of food inflation.

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January 09

When it comes to Credit Repair, the Right Strategy is Essential

Are you considering embarking on a credit repair project? Good for you! This means that you’re tired of paying higher than necessary interest rates and not getting the things you want and deserve. It’s time to get going on fixing your credit, but before you get started, you need to know a few things.

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January 11

3 Ways Being Green Can Save You Money

An interesting article to live green and how it is useful to save lots of money unexpectedly. this article provide three best, simple strategies to any person who want to live green and save lots of money.

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January 15

Do You Need Disability Insurance?

A debate on the requirement of disability insurances. It covers various aspects that supports to go with a disability insurance and the huge advantage of having one. this guest article looks covers various facts in our life and advice the most required to live healthy and wealthy always

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January 18

How to Cut Living Expenses: 5 Easy Tips

Looking for ways to make money even when you’re just going through the motions of your everyday life? Consider putting more effort into saving money – you can do it every day, and yes, it’s just like making money. The old adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” has some substance to it, no matter how outdated it may seem.

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January 23

Four Ways to Hack Your Wallet Or Purse

Hacks usually make our lives easier, more efficient, and happy. They are simply ways we can improve our lives. So it makes sense, then, that you would want to hack your wallet or purse, as this could help you manage your money. Here are four hacks that will help you be responsible with, literally, your purse strings!

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January 25

Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is quite important when you are traveling abroad or even within your nation. When you plan your vacation, you have to plan your flights, connecting flights, accommodation, local conveyance and all such things in advance. An interesting article about the world of travel insurance and its must requirement..

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Could You Be a Victim of Credit Scoring Stereotypes?

If you’ve been wondering about credit scoring and how it all works, then you’re not alone. Many people have thought they had high credit scores only to find out they have been part of a “stereotyping” that often happens when it comes to matters of credit.

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