The Essential Personal Finance Articles 2010

Post written by Sherin Dev

Money Hacker just celebrated its successful 3rd birthday with full of joy. I have started ‘Money Hacker’ finance blog with just one subscriber and now it crossed the mark of 1300+ direct subscribers and 10000+ combined fan base in Twitter and Facebook. I consider this as a big success with a blog covers serious topics like personal finance, where a small community, but intelligent people, only interested to read. I have crossed the mark of 750+ blog articles where received huge number of guest articles from well reputed writers around the globe.

Year 2010 was fantastic for me. I have enjoyed lots of things. Some of them I would like to share with readers to inspire them on how to achieve resolutions set for the year:- Formed my own Investment Club initially named ‘Associated Investment Partners’, focuses to invest in stocks using value approach.

– I have completed my personal investment framework by taking ideas from authentic and un-authentic investment guides available in the market.