Child Investment and Financial Planning Resources

Welcome all parents to this very special Sunday edition of child investment resources. Here is a list of useful articles specially written for kids betterment with a thought about my own kid in mind. Go through all articles. It will help you to know more about what parents required to do for their kids bright future. Happy reading

1. In the first article titled “Child Savings and Investment Requirement” is really not an article but, is a heart breaking picture. My intention was to raise a true question in the mind of those parents who view this picture about the future of their kids. It raise a question “do you want to see your kid like this?”. This picture not intended to say the kid in this photo suffering by her parents. But, it is just a visual for you to give opportunity to think about your kids. As a parent, what do you now thinking about your kids? Can you share your feelings about this picture here? You can even shout, blame or curse me for posting such pictures. Anything you say, will be a good sign for your kids.

2. Now, move to the next article. Let me start from the beginning. This article seems best for that. “How Make your Kids Smarter”. Moreover saying to do anything about their better feature, this article more focusing to the required parental approach to their kid. It will certainly give you an opportunity to think about your present approach to kids and you can lay down a foundation stone for a new, refined and proper approach.

3. Once you have done well with above, here the original task starting. “Teaching the money saving strategies to your kid”, an article originated from a comment in this blog, identified and exposing 5 fantastic money saving ideas for parents and kids to work together.

4. This article is something special for you. One of the most admired, commented and visited article in this blog, “Money Lessons to Kid” is a journey through your kids different life stages based on age. It has ideas and guidance on what want to do with each stage. Read it and inform me how do you feel or do you want me to improve this article further.

5. With this fifth article in this set, “5 Practical Child Savings Ideas”, a clear overview on the areas a parent can select to save money for their kid. I have included all possible instruments to consider and invest for the better future of your kid. Read it and tell me how do you feel with this? I will make it more powerful by tuning further upon your ideas or comments.

6. I can say to others to do for their kids. Above articles are the best examples. But, If I am not doing anything as my own, then how can I advice others? So this article sharing my personal experience. My Personal Plan for Creating Investment Portfolio for Kid” is a biography on what I have done for my kid. This article further tuned with another artilce written later but this is the starting point for me.

7. Another biographical article “How I used Budgeting to Buy Shares for My Kid”, revealing seven steps I have practiced and successfully used to save money through budgeting. It also revealing the real intention I had when used this steps. Yes, it was to buy stocks and shares for my kid as the part of my investment plan for child. Do you think it is possible or not? If not, why?

8. It is the time to plan finance for your kids higher eduction. Going through the article “Financial Planning for Higher Education”, you will learn 10 simple steps to work and easily attain the goal. Have a look and don’t forget to inform if you have any new idea or doubts.

9. Read “Build a Perfect Portfolio for Your Kid” to know how to build a portfolio by avoiding major diversification errors but, fair diversification with required instruments. This article again have personal experience touch.

I am sure, reading above 9 article is enough to have required knowledge to plan for your kids. These are some core articles I have taken from the archive. Some of them already been famous and have received huge attention and great appreciations.I hope you will enjoy this resource database and inform here about what you are thinking. Do you?