5 Ways Being the First To Use New Software Can Help Your Startup

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Editor’s Note: This guest article submitted by Anthony Benedict

startup-2554590IN THE INTERNET business, the people that stay ahead of the game are the people that are ahead of the times in terms of knowledge, the future direction of Google, and using the best and newest technologies. Everyday, new software is being created to help people provide SEO, Internet Marketing, programming, and web development services.

Being one of the first to use these new types of technologies can really give you a good head start, and can open the door for many new business opportunities. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Relationships with the Creators. When you are the first to use a certain type of software, you are also the first to see all of its flaws, and you will be there for it’s initial growth as a product. Because you are one of the first , your feedback is highly useful to the creators of the software. They are going to want to know what you like about it, what its flaws are, and what you think can be done to make it better.

This allows you to have some sort of “custom-ability” to it, if you will. This is the type of long term relationship that you can benefit from greatly.

2. Scaling Up at a Quick Rate. New software’s are a lot of the time created to adapt to new types of services and products. Because you are one of the first users, you will be able to scale your business up and will be able to handle volume a lot better than you would without it. This increases your rate of efficiency, and eliminates many of the problems you were having before when taking on a large volume project was something you might have been hesitant to do at first.

3. Creates Well Defined Jobs. Using new software calls for new duties, creating positions open for hire. Outsourcing will also be made easier – especially for something like the tedious work of data entry – as new software opens up the door for keeping track of every minute detail of everyone of your projects. This is key for thorough analysis of progression, and keeping elite records of everything you are doing on each project. You just have to find the right places to outsource and hire.

4. Saves Time and Money. New software make tasks that were once impossible accomplish-able. Instead of using multiple resources to get the same job done, the high quality systems that a new software can offer allow you to put all of your time and money into one place allowing the prevention of maxing out your small business credit card all of the time.

5. A New Outlook. Using new software invites innovation and creativity. As in the quote from the movie The Social Network – “Here at Harvard, We believe creating new jobs is better than finding them” – new software can help you give a new outlook on an old service, or help you to create a completely new one – and nothing is better than being at the top of your own business as the CEO.

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