How to Develop a Strategic eMarketing Plan

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This is a guest post by Rebecca Jones

emarketing-plan-7938036There has been a shift from the traditional marketing strategies towards the marketing strategy or internet marketing. The usage of the internet has taken an upper hand over the time spent by people on reading newspapers, listening to the radio or watching the television. As per the research conducted, 90 % of the internet users do 2/3 rd of the purchases being researched on the internet, E marketing has become a new and easy platform for companies to attract its potential customers.

A company has to carefully device its marketing strategy to attract its prospective customers as well as widen its business opportunities. It needs to have a well designed website to promote its products and services. The website has to provide exclusive information about the products and services the company deals in. To attract its customer and increase the sales, the company needs to make its website in an appealing format with a proper customization, logo to create a positive impression on its buyers.
Search Engine Optimization: The website of the company is to be ranked on the initial pages of various search engines and this can be done by optimizing your website in such a manner with the key words the internet users use to research about a product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in attracting the internet traffic towards your website and to increase your sales margin by attracting potential buyers to your website.

E mail marketing strategy:

Your products or services can be advertised using the e mail services. A detailed research about your prospective customers, where you identify buyers who are in need of your products or services is to be done beforehand with their contact details. Later they are to be tackled with the extensive information provided by the company about the various products required by the customers.

Online advertising and online newsletters/brochures:

Online advertising in an effective way of having substantial return on investment on your business plans. Online advertising means placing the advertisement of company’s product on websites that are ranked in the initial first pages of search engines that have a good amount of internet users using them from all over the world. A very good example of online advertising would be internet affiliate marketing where the advertiser of your company’s product is paid on the sales generated on the same. Online newsletters or brochures are an eco friendly way of advertising your products. Periodical journals with information relating to your newly introduced products or services can be put up on the website of your company. It not only saves paper that would have otherwise been spent on news prints in papers but also the customer base is also more. Another way of E marketing would be through media news rooms that are a facility on the web that has various company blogs, news and information on it that can be accessed by the social media. The social media access to such information and pass it on to the general public. Various other elements like RSS feeds, press releases, and business blogging can be used to attract the online consumers.

About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a Portable printers. These days she is busy in writing an article on Yamaha Motorcycles.