How to Increase Product Sales – 7 Surefire Secrets

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how-to-increase-product-sales-9875367 Here are a number of different ways retailers are looking to increase product sales using both new and well established methods:

1. Customer Relationship Management Software

At the point of sale, representatives may enter information about the customer to help them better meet the customer’s needs. For example, the POS systems at a retail clothing store may save every purchase made by a customer including the size, colour and quantity. A sales person can review this information while selling to a customer and make suggestions for purchases during the sale. This will increase the sales representative’s chances of increasing sales. Additionally, accessories may be added at the POS to increase the total dollar amount.

2. Gift Card Sales

Gift cards can increase the total dollar amount of a sale. These items are often found next to the register and can be easily added as a gift for a birthday or graduation gift. Selling gift cards in addition to merchandise is an excellent way to improve sales within an organization. Gift cards ensure that more customers will come to the store. The company will have the opportunity to convert additional sales beyond the price of the gift card.
3. Prompts for Sales Reminders
Many sales people need to be reminded to try to up-sell or cross-sell items to customers. Prompts can appear on the screen to help employees remember what to say and how to say it to yield a favorable result. The suggestive selling prompts are effective in some organizations.

4. Customer Loyalty Points

Customers tend to shop more when they know they are receiving something in return. Loyalty points programs are designed to alter customer spending habits, resulting in increased product sales. Many companies offer bonus points or double points for people who shop during a certain time period. This will increase sales for a short period of time.

5. POS Marketing Messages

Marketing messages generated on receipts and signature capture devices can help to improve sales conversions. The marketing message could include a discount, free merchandise or other information regarding the company that may compel a customer to purchase more products. These marketing messages can be highly effective.

6. Club Pricing

Everyone loves a good deal. Club pricing may facilitate more sales from customers at the point of sale. Customers may purchase more merchandise if they think they are getting a discount at the register. Club pricing is effective in generating increased sales for members.

7. In-Store POS Design

In-store POS designs can help retailers sell more merchandise/product to clients. It is important to understand compliance issues and the options available for in-store POS design in order to maximize the effectiveness of this type of marketing communications. Speak with a branding agency and consider how in-store POS designs can help your business grow and thrive.

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