Business Envelopes – Consumers Guide

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From Editor: This is a guest article from Ayo

With all the advancements in technology we have enjoyed, there is still a constant need to hold on to things from the past we are familiar with, one of these things being business envelopes.

Anyone who is in business has an intimate understanding that in order to acquire clients; they must establish a relationship with that prospect. E-mails may be a quick way to reach out to someone that a person is currently acquainted with, reaching out to complete strangers via E-mail without their permission is actually considered spam and not polite. Sending out an envelope to a prospective customer or business contact is considered a more appropriate way of corresponding. A business must invest some time in determining the most suitable business envelope that meets their needs. Since not all envelopes are created equally, there are a few things to take into consideration, Will the correspondence be hand written or utilize a machine to insert the documents? If the communications are processed with a machine then there will be a need for “machinable” business envelopes. Direct mail market relies heavily on enticing the recipient to open the letter, the quality and style of the envelope is usually what people consider first. When receiving a letter from someone they are not familiar with the first response is curiosity. “Why am I receiving this correspondence?” would be a natural question. The person will then try to determine whether they should open this letter or treat it as junk mail. The best approach to this challenge is to role play and envisions being the prospective recipient of this letter, does it look professional or would it require some fine tuning. These little exercises will pay dividends in a higher conversion rate of clients. When choosing a business envelope supplier, it is critical to align with a partner that has the skills necessary to meet the needs of their clients. Price alone should not be the only consideration since a bargain is only good if there are no issues along the way. Professionals familiar with the industry strongly recommend that anyone considering having a supplier for all their lettering needs provide testimonials of current and former clients that are satisfied with both the product and service. These firms will be able to also share insight on what is the best approach to consider, for example what are the differences between, peel and stick, gummed and self-seal envelopes. Most people are familiar with the gummed type where an individual must moisten it with their tongue before sealing it. If a company wanted machinable envelopes to be sent out they could not use the self-seal variety, without the help of a trusted supplier, a consumer could purchase the wrong type of letters for their application thereby wasting time and money. Even as technology advances there will always be a need for paper correspondence and sending letters, companies who hold on to this truth will do well moving forward since people will always need to communicate with each other.

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