Top Safety Aspects of Social Networking

social-media-safety-6539188 Introduction Social networking websites are the modern generation liked websites. They range from entertainment, education, technology etc., One can connect and share their information like photos, videos, meeting notes and personal feelings easily via them. It is no doubt that all over world is waking in front of social networking sites. It easily helps for Hackers, spammers etc., to steal the personal information and can even malfunction the bank account, bankrupt the account etc., Let us see the safety aspects here.

Use caution when you click links

Link bounding is the good concept of a web page design. But precautionary measures should be taken while clicking unwanted links or links from unauthorized or spam mails.

It is better to ignore spam mails and links.

Know what you’ve posted about yourself.

Net-banking and financial sharing information is easily accessible via internet. Though the pages are password protected, human mind can easily forget password. Sites are providing options to recover the password. During those times it is always better not to give sensitive information in an easy manner like hometown, mother name etc., so that one can easily identify the details of account. It is a must that one should not reveal sensitive data posted to a friend or family member.

Don’t trust that a message is really from who it says it’s from.

Hackers themselves consider as friends and send mails from known friend or family member name email ids and asked to join in the network. One should be careful while reading those mails and unless it is proved as true, one should not join the network. For example you may get mails saying it is from: Rich Gorman, but you shouldn’t click on it or rely on it completely until we have communicated earlier. Many have been hacked or spammed like this.

Email address should not be given to social networking sites

Social networking sites as a social service collect the email id and try to connect with the friends in the email network. If it is not trustworthy, do not give email and password information in the site.

Straightaway typing the address of social networking sites is the safer way rather than entering via links present in emails or from other web content.

Be selective about who you accept as a friend on a social network. Identity thieves are roaming and hence beware before making friends.

Choose social network carefully.

Privacy policy should be well understood before joining in the social network. It is same like how careful in entering credit card information.

Assume that everything put on a social networking site is permanent

Once a photo or content is published in the social networking site, it has become public. Hence one should be careful while posting them.


Social networking helps a lot in marketing, shopping, selling, teaching etc., but they should not be used for fun as secret information can easily be stolen across globally easily and once hackers and identity thieves got the data, they ruin one’s personal life easily. Especially modern generation is addicted towards them. Parents and teachers should take responsible steps in telling them about the limits to do in social networking sites and how to be safe and free from frauds,porno sites etc., Let us save the globe in using positive social networking sites.

This was a guest post by Rich Gorman veteran in direct response marketing and advertising.