3 Childhood Money Habits I Still Follow

Post Written by Sherin Devassy. Follow me on Twitter Childhood is the best time to acquire good practices. It is just like learning new languages. Any child who starts speaking the first language in her childhood, later come as her mother tongue. Similarly, any good habits practicing in her childhood follow her all over her life. Here are three of my childhood habits I still carrying after reaching the age of 38. I still practicing each of this habits and training the same to my kids whenever getting a chance to do so. This is quite interesting but, yes it is a true fact.

Piggy Bank saving

I can proudly say, I was saving money little by little from the childhood, using a piggy bank presented to me. I have received lots of coins from my parents at that time to put in the piggy bank and was so interested to saw how money was growing. I never forget my piggy bank to take with me wherever I go, to collect coins. This habit not only gives a huge account balance but also, created a habit of not leaving any coins that I am getting from any place. Presently, this piggy bank habit handed over to my kid and she is now collecting coins behalf of me. This would make her a good money saving habit. I am interested to take her with me whenever going to bank. My hidden intention is to provide an idea about learning the transactions little by little. Interestingly, she is now picking things little by little!

Intelligent Spending Habit

I don’t know how many kids able to follow this practice and who all parents teaching their children’s about this. But, I have got training to follow an intelligent spending practice from my parents. Once identified the real value of money through little possible games, this habit can inject to any kid easily. The best advice I have received on this habit is to think twice before spending any penny for any purposes! They have trained me to ask a question “Do you really require this item?” before going ahead to spend money for purchasing any item. I still follow this practice before committing any activity where money concerned. It is of course a little bit difficult habit to train but, continuous practices bring real results.

Sharing Knowledge to Others

This is my third childhood habit. Never be reluctant to share knowledge with others. This habit greatly helped me to get new ideas to tune and shape mine in a better way. Intention behind this ‘Uncopyright” blog ‘Money Hacker’ derived from this habit only. I am sharing my personal knowledge and habits to others and some time getting best advices to look into the weak points of my knowledge and shape it a very better way. Sharing knowledge is heavenly and a great tool. Not much people do that but, the one who really do it, taking a great chance to get more and more knowledge to the final wisdom! I have kids. You may also have. Train them to come up with best practices. This is not only applicable to money but train them to become a good citizen with good habits and real knowledge. This is not just an advice but it is the responsibility of each parent. So take your responsibility seriously and bring your kid with good habits, practices and discipline. Wish you all Merry Christmas!!!

Image Courtesy: chris.vandyck