Competitive Advantages of Investing in Monopoly Businesses

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Invest in monopoly business! It is so proclaimed advice from the experienced, most successful investors to the investors! When an investor turns the pages of a biography or practices of any great investor, advice on investment into the monopoly business can be found as projected and most advised! What are the secret behind this continuous advice? What are the major benefits investors going to get when they invest in a monopoly business? This article exposes these real benefits. It is so easy to understand by the use of our commonsense.1. Any popular product or service from any company that doesn’t have a competitor can be considered as monopoly business. Such monopoly companies have tremendous advantages of deciding own price tag or fees to their product or services! This will reduce the manufacturing cost to a great extend and increase profit on each unit to the maximum. Thus company receives huge money as profit.2. any company with monopoly business with no competitors in the market, never need to invest huge money for research facility to improve the product quality. This would again save huge money, they can later use for other better purposes. 3. Monopoly companies seldom required retooling of their manufacturing facilities by investing loads of money in it. This will further reduce the investing cash flow to a great extend to save huge excess money to their reserve to invest for other fun activities like buying out other companies or businesses, reward investors with huge, attractive dividends, pay huge bonus and incentives to its management staff etc.. This would make the company more attractive work place and personnel production capacity will increase to to bring more and more profits.

4. Through not investing more money for research purposes and retooling the manufacturing facilities helpful to save lots of money as said to the above points. This will reduce the chance of lending more money as debt or re-issuing new shares to the public to collect money. Whenever companies issue new shares, it indirectly affect the share value of existing share holders. Still have doubt on how it will be? Read this article.

5. Monopoly companies generally have huge money in hands as excess and totally free from debts. Analyzing the debt position of a company would help an investor to identify whether the company has a monopoly business or operating in a competitive sector. Generally, companies operating in a competitive sector suffer huge debts due to the huge spending on research facilities, retooling manufacturing facilities to continuously improve the quality of their products or service and advertisements to attract public to compete with competitors. This would terribly force them to load more and more money from their profits and finally force them to lend money from banks or other institutions. This debt generally follow them always and never washed away due to the cycling nature.6. Monopoly companies generally have products or services that public uses regularly. Assume once the product is not available in the market, public generally don’t have any other option but, required to wait. Public never able to find similar products or services anywhere else. Such wonderful status of a product or service highly support the company to survive from situations like economic recessions or slowdowns. This is the secret behind the successful survival of monopoly companies during any economical slowdown or recessions.An investor can be able to identify a monopoly business or a company, that have competitive advantages, by analyzing its debt side and year to year earnings increase. Continuous growth in earnings for more than 10 years with no debt, indirectly tells us the company operating in a sector there is no competitors or room for competitors. Investing on such companies in ‘right time’ trigger investor wealth to new heights!Above are the major advantages of monopoly businesses along with famous methods to identify such companies. There are more and more advantages available to investors when investing into monopoly businesses but, above are the most important among them.Finally, I believe the blog reader community is so powerful and wonderful. A finance blogger always have a chance to turn to them to ask doubts or questions. I have never felt sad whenever I asked a help from my fantastic readers. It is again your time to think and help me to comment with new ideas to provide more charm to your article above. I trust on your comments.

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