How Friends Influencing to Your Personal Finance

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“A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘A Friend in need is a friend indeed’ is a well known, fruitful proverb. True friendship is something that is not easy to define. Have you anytime tried to evaluate your friends in the sense of how they put influences to your personal finance? Of course, friends have influence to our finance to grow it in a better way or disturbed. This article reveals some of the characteristics of friends that can bring your personal finance to the new heights or down.

1. A Needy Friend: Such characters are everywhere. They consider the friendship and relationships are a source to get money whenever required. They would generally approach friends only when they need money. They are generally very sweet spoken to influence others to get their work done. An interesting fact is, such friends never remember to give the borrowed money back in time. If you have such friends, it is better to bypass them anyway before they cause many damages to your finance and budget.

2. A greedy friend: One of the most dangerous in friend’s category. They are always behind the money. To get money, they will be ready go to any extend. They never consider friendships to relationships if so. A greedy friend could cheat their friends at any time. If you have any such friends, drop that friendship as early as possible.

3. A spendthrift friend: Bind to lavishness. Is another sign that you are in the way to lose your money. Such people never have money in hand because of their over spending habits and always approach friends to borrow money to live their life lavishly. Once given money to such people, it is best to forget that. They never have savings, budgets and never think about what is for tomorrow. Identify and avoid such people from your friends circle.

4. An Agent Friend: It is always better to not allow your friendships in anyway influencing your personal finance. If you have an agent friend, he may always compel you to buy his promoted products or services that may not relevant to your investments or personal finance. By the name of friendship, lots of people get cheated in this way and this trap should be avoided.

5. A Competitor: It is impossible in many ways that a competitor of your business can become your good friends. There are possibilities but rare. If you have such competitor friends, you may be in trouble. There are ample chances that your business secrets to be leaked. Such friends generally come with an intention to know more maximum about your business and work to beat your strategies and ideas to grow their own business than yours. Always measure and avoid such beasts immediately. If such friends are greedy too, you are of course, in double hell.

Money always is a major factor of problem between friends. Money could not be able to bring true friendships. To avoid much damage, one should be well disciplined self and well understand and control on their own personal finance and needs. Never allow anyone to influence your personal finance which you have already decided. Build the must have quality of saying the word ‘No’ to anyone if anything that is not relevant to you. Try to understand the nature of friends and classify them in the sense of what influence they can do on you or your personal finance. This would really help you to avoid many damages.

A real friendship can be easily identified at the time of your troubles.