6 Apps that Make Loan Management Easier

loan-apps-3864944 Synopsis: Choose the right loan and manage your payments well with these great finance apps! Loan management can be a tricky business, especially if you just started paying off a mortgage or student loans. This list of apps can help make the process easier, both for beginners and for those searching for an easier, digital way to manage their loans and avoid all the troubles that come with defaults. Never miss another payment with apps like these:
Loan Assist:
Loan Assist helps you control new or multiple debts by organizing them into categories. This app is especially designed for student loans, and is perfect for helping recent graduates master the ins and outs of making loan payments the easy way. Simple screens show the current amount due, any payments that are past due, and the next due date. You also have access to a variety of loan payment calculations and student loan management options for deferment or forbearance.

My Loan Calculator:

My Loan Calculator helps you choose the right loan at the right time. This loan is invaluable when you are first making a loan choice but are not sure about your options. It allows you to examine the payment schedules for mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and more. With just a few inputs you can find out valuable info like your monthly payment including interest, how much total interest you will pay, and how large of a loan you could qualify for. The app also includes more general advice for comparing loan structures.

Loan Calc Pro:

This app is designed for those with a little more experience in the debt world, people who want to adjust current loans or make wise decisions about future loans in order to pay them off as quickly as possible. In addition to amortization tables and loan calculators, it offers to track extra loan payments that you may want to make and shows how these extra payments will affect the loan. You can export your saved loans to email if you like.


Tuition.io is both a website and an app designed to help those who hold student loans. It is an ideal solution for people who are struggling with multiple student loans and want an easy way to track and pay them all together. The platform allows students to quickly study their loans, individual monthly payments for each loan, total monthly payment, and similar information. The app can also analyze a broader range of financial information to offer more customized advice on the best way to repay student loans, including the range of options that the government provides for different payments.


This financial management app allows you to track a number of different bills, but it is very useful for managing required loan and credit card payments, too. You can connect to online bank accounts and download transaction info, and schedule future transactions like loan payments with timed reminders so you do not forget to make a payment. Of course, SplashMoney is only one app in the sea of personal finance options, but it does have several benefits, include connections with U.S. banks that not all apps have.


Mint.com’s app lets you view your accounts and budget for all expenses, including all your debt. It is a great app for getting your financial information in order and ensuring you always have enough money to pay for all your debt, no matter what kind. Mint pulls in as many transactions as possible to minimize the amount of work you have to do. The app also comes with bill reminders, alerts, and even tips on how to cut costs. The Mint app is one of the best around, especially for those new to managing different kinds of debt.


Amy Fitzgerald is a professional blogger that provides financial advice and tips to consumers. She writes for TitleMax.biz, a title loan company.