How to Download Personal Finance Videos From Facebook

Facebook surging to new levels. Lots of informative videos on personal finance and financial planning can be found in Facebook, posted by reliable sources, great investors, money management and personal finance experts. Those who have a habit of collecting videos to your personal device and searching for the best options to download Facebook videos, here is a simple, beautiful method to download videos from Facebook, in few minutes:

STEP 1. Get the video link. Eg. To get the link to a Facebook video, right-click on the name of the video and select ‘Copy link address‘ or ‘Copy link location‘.

STEP 2. Go to ( ). This site is very simple and straightforward, and lets you pull in any Facebook-hosted video, where you can share it back to Facebook, tweet it, embed it in your blog or website, or download it.

STEP 3. Paste the URL. At the top of the page, click in the Enter the video link field, and paste the link URL into that field.

STEP 4. Click Download. A link to the video you selected as well as new links will appear in a new page containing HD (High Definition) or SD Video.

STEP 5. Save the video. Right-click Download Video in High Quality or Download Video in Low Qualityand select Save As. This will open a dialog box asking you where you’d like to save the mp4.

That’s it!!

Ensure you have a a compatible video player to watch the video from your computer. You should be able to find a free one online such as VLC Media Player.