Make Sure You're Covered: Five Investment Tips for the Small Time Trader

When putting money in the markets, most small time investors fear that they will have a difficult time in beating the big boys. In many cases, this is true. However, when following these five tips, one can navigate the markets and beat the competition.

Often, a company will provide false information to shareholders and potential investors. When this happens, an investor will lose money if they follow the bad advice. Now, some people opt to file a lawsuit when facing this problem. However, it is difficult for a small time investor to beat a mighty corporation. To recover funds, one must engage in securities arbitration. With this step, a shareholder can recover losses by having an impartial person hear their case. This is the perfect option for a shareholder who wants to avoid a lengthy court battle.

Solid broker

All too often, an investor will go with the cheapest brokerage house. While it will save a trader a few bucks, it will cost them a lot of money in the long run. Instead, a trader should use a solid broker offering fast executions. Remember, when making a trade, one should think about more than saving a few dollars on commissions.


Often a trader will carry a large position in a stock they like. However, the market is difficult to predict, and an investor should buy options to hedge his or her bets. With a put or call option, one can protect their investment without spending a lot of money. Remember, Wall Street is unpredictable, and an options purchase can protect a buyer.


Now, many traders will turn on the television or go on the Internet for advice. This is a waste of time as a serious trader should learn how to read the markets. When understanding equities, one can make successful trades with impressive accuracy. Remember, people on television make money for their analysis; if they were that good they would make money trading stocks and not talking all day on TV.


When in on a losing trade, one should know how to cut their losses. Sadly, many amateurs will hold on to their losing trade for weeks, or months, and watch their portfolio decline. Instead, a buyer should never fear walking away from a trade. While a small loss hurts, it is better to move on to the next investment. With these five tips, a trader should not fear the markets. Remember, a small time investor can do well when he or she takes time to study the markets and trends

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