Financial Resources for Readers

Today is a lazy Sunday. I was searching for some resources in Twitter. But, later found some of the best resources that I thought I would share with Moneyhacker readers. Below, I have added links to all these resources with a small description on each. The best resource I have found among this group is a collection of well written free e-books.Along with these, some of the best article also here in this list. All of them are well written. Have a look and enjoy your reading.

Financial Resources for Readers

1. Downloads and Links from IDA Marketing Inc

Here is a list of downloads and links that helpful to provide knowledge on securing financial future, financial security, banking basics, managing money etc. These are some but have other lot more free e-books and links in this page. This would be a best place for beginners to enjoy fantastic reading on the financial subjects that they like. Visit this resource here….

2. Seven ways to save heaps of money this week – and every week!

This is a good article from Jane Baker shows how one can save money in each day of the week. Everyday expenditure can quickly add up to a huge drain on your finances. Just take a moment to think about how much you actually shell out every week on things like petrol, a night out with friends and grocery shopping. Now imagine if you could do exactly the same things every week, but spend less. Read more here….

3. 7-Step Financial Recovery Plan

The stock market crash leading to the recession at the end of 2008 caught many by surprise. If you’re among those whose savings and investments were ravaged by the economic downturn, don’t despair. To lose your assets in such a manner is a traumatic experience, to be sure, but you can bounce back. The first thing you should do is explain the situation to your loved ones so they can offer their support during these trying times, then follow our 7-step financial recovery plan to reclaim your monetary standing. Read full story here….

4. 20 Ways to Waste Your Money

This is a fantastic article written by Erin Burt, Contributing Editor, Whether a newbie or seasoned budgeter, nearly everyone has spending holes — leaks in your budget that drain money with you hardly noticing. These small drips can add up to big bucks. Once you find the holes and plug them, you’ll keep more money in your pocket. That spare cash could be the ticket to finally being able to save, invest, or break your cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Here are 20 common ways people waste money. See if any of these sound familiar, and then look for ways to plug your own leaks. Read full article here…and finally,

5. Personal Finance According to Video Games

Most people either justify video games as “entertainment” or vilify them as “time-wasters.” With a few exceptions (the Wii can actually help you become physically fit) they are almost never thought of as a tool for learning useful life skills. And yet even in those games that are not labeled as educational, where the game play consists primarily of blowing your enemy to bits, it is possible to learn some things that are useful in personal finance, often without even realizing it. Plan well, conserve your resources, and form alliances — these things come up regularly and are just the start of what video games can teach you about personal finance: Read more on this story here….

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