Debt – Dangerous or Friendly?

We are all well aware that Debt is very dangerous and it can trash our financial freedom in a greate extend. There are simple points we want to remember to convert dangerous debt to friendly one. If you are choosing the debt properly and wisely, debt can be very friendly and will not give more burden to you.Below are some simple steps to choose and plan debt:1. Choose debt with the lowest available interest rate. Needs and emergency will not give people ample time to think about this. They will act foolishly with improper debt and finally that will put them in deep trouble. Act wisly and take time to choose proper interest rate and place to get.2. You should read and understand each statements in the lines before making the choice. Danger can hide in between lines of the document. Should avoid this properly understanding the rules.3. It is importnt to maintain proper and regular repayment schedule. This is the part, majority of people fail to do. Thus debt will grow like a giant because if compound interest magic. Do not allow that. Repay timely.4. Retain credibility with your creditors by servicing all debt with at least a reduced quantum.The above points can convert the dangerous debt to a friendly one. However, it is difficult to us to act as per this simple points. Don’t alloow the debt trap you. But act wisely and trap the debt.Try it if you want to go for a debt and see the magic.

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